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Michelle November 25, 2013 Problem With Your Download?

Please try another video player. If this does not work then please open a support ticket above and let us know the details of your order (product / order number) and details about your video setup. 

We recommend you try VLC player or Quicktime to view videos.

Michelle January 12, 2013 4 I Never Received My Download Link

Please check your spam folder.

If you still can't find the email containing the email link (it will have been sent to the email address you used on checkout) then please open a new ticket that contains your receipt or transaction ID.

Michelle January 12, 2013 Problem With Your Download?

Please open a ticket by clicking on 'Submit A Request' above and send us your receipt or transaction ID plus any other relevant information.

We can only find your transaction if you send the transaction ID or receipt - so please include it.

Michelle January 12, 2013 1 Problem With Your Download?

Check What version of Massive you have.

Make sure you have the latest version of Massive Installed.

If you have version 1.3 and above

If the files you purchased are .KSD files but they won't open or you cannot see them in your version of massive then please upgrade to the latest version of Massive (it's a free upgrade) and under 'File' in Massive select the 'Batch convert from KSD' option and follow the instructions.

If you have below version 1.3

If the files you have purchased are .NMSV files but you cannot open them then you have an old version of Massive - please upgrade to the latest version (it's a free upgrade.